Heather partnered with two colleagues, Rick and Denise Thomas, to create The Strive Group in the fall of 2016. You can find Heather improving businesses and communities via her role as Director, Consulting Services. Visit theSTRIVEgroup.com for more information.

Heather's Blog, A Leading Perspective, offers insights regarding leadership, communication, human behavior and various workforce issues.  Heather is an active contributor for Performance I Create, a blog dedicated to help people become better leaders, employees and humans. She also writes for a sister company, The Chariot Group, on a blog she calls "From Here to Epiphany."


Where Should We Start?

Heather began her career over 20 years ago and has experience in nearly all aspects of Human Resources and Organizational Performance. In addition, she has been a student and coach of Leadership for over a decade. A LEAN practitioner, Heather understands the value of engaging staff in decision making about their job design and processes. She appreciates this saves the company thousands of dollars each year in operating expenses as well as increases employee satisfaction and frees up management's resources, which equate to thousands more in savings!

Heather finds joy in not just her work but giving back to the community.  An active volunteer, Heather gives her time to multiple non-profits around the city as well as to members of the community that simply need a little help in getting back on their feet and into the workforce. 

Heather enjoys her career and it shows.  Her passion for organizational excellence, employee engagement and leadership is contagious and her clients appreciate her energy, her sense of humor and her practical approach to increasing efficiency, productivity and performance.

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